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I am s shoe person. The reason that I am a shoe person is that shoes are much more comfortable. Boot tend to make my feet and ankles hurt. Shoes do not.
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Great Britain. Any of the countries therein. I just love Great Britain! I love it's culture, I love the fact that they drink tea all the time, I love their music, I love their tv. I just love Great Britain.
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Ummm.. no. That makes no sense. Why would there be a renewal or expiration date on a marriage license? Your married, it's not like it's something that the Government should telling you when to renew. You can renew your vows, but that's something people do on one of their anniverseris and not every body does it. So don't be rediculus.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Oh boy did I ever!! Let me tell you, she REALLY was the roommate from Hell!!! What made us incompatible? Let me tell you. First of all she was a slob. And I don't just mean a little messy. Oh nooooo she took messy to a whole 'nother level! She would leave her clothes and other misc. stuff all over her bed all day after class and sometimes all weekend, when she would be gone by the way. One time she even left dirty clothes on my bed. She even had the gall to leave stains on the shower before she would leave for the weekend. One time she went so far as to dye her hair during major dorm clean up, and then not clean up after her self when she left a mess all over the bathroom and sink area. I had to clean up after her, because she wouldn't.
Then there is the fact that she would blare her music practically all day after class and on the weekends when she was there, even when she wasn't in the room, or even the dorm. And if I DARED to turn it off she would get pissed off at me.
And the worst thing, in my book, is that I'm sure she had been stealing from me. I have had money, a phone complete with charger, and a DVD go missing. She was one of the roommates who was there the entire time I was in the room. She was also of the two who was there the entire time I was there the one who was known for stealing.
And as for resolving it, we never did. The only way that it got "resolved" was that I moved into one of the wing leader rooms, so I wasn't sharing a room with her anymore.



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